Simple analog tax record keeping method

Keep good records - don't pay more taxes than you have to!

If for whatever reason you no longer take the standard deduction than good record  keeping is vital in preparing your yearly taxes not to mention IF you get audited.

This method is one analog way to keep records. Consulting a tax preparer or financial pro is still critical to determine what is deductible for you as that dictates what records you most need to keep. This method may be of most use for new sole props, LLCs, or similar types who loathe e-kwickenbooks.

Caveat emptor! This is provided for infotainment and inspiration. Download a printable, full color, letter size pdf. Click here EZ Tax Record Keeping Method.





FloGurl chrono-sorbancey™ chronometer for human women

FloGurl chrono-sorbancey™ chronometer for human women.

FloGurl is the groundbreaking wearable from Miss Fidget™ that empowers an active hygienic lifestyle for the human female while she rides the crimson tide. FloGurl’s active sensors and microprocessors calculate the wearers current chrono-sorbancey™ status and display it discretely with the tap of a finger. To maintain optimum chrono-sorbancey™ status while riding the cotton pony the location of the nearest toilet is also indicated.

FloGurl from Miss Fidget allows for optimized usage of feminine hygiene products reducing the carbon footprint of a menstrual cycle and making the world a better place. More importantly FloGurl allows the human female to wear white pants, sneeze, stand up quickly, ‘do the mosh pit’ or swim in shark infested waters without worry of shameful accidents while Aunt Flo is visiting.

With real time updates of their chrono-sorbancey™ status during leak week human females can attain confidence in the uniquely smug way only contemporary personal tech can provide. In a world full of unrealistic media images FloGurl from Miss Fidget is the exorbitant indulgence/necessity that every women needs to feel confident during her moon cycle. FloGurl turns a visit to the red tent into a trip to statusville with the choice of silver ice or rose gold finishes.

Most importantly, wearing the FloGurl silently alerts male humans that the wearer is using tech to monitor her normal healthy bodily functions during red dollar days. The FloGurl wearer is “OK for a girl” not unclean, gross, or bitchy like olde timey females who walked around looking for chocolate with the sanitary equivalent of an analog Shrodinger’s Cat between their knees a few days a month.

FloGurl is compatible with all contemporary feminine sanitary protection – except the cup.

Happy New Year the 2016 Calendar is here

Happy 2016!

Happy 2016!

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Fall 2015 What Where When Guide

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Gluten free fruit fly death machine

Soy sauce, soft fruit, or other fermented/stinky things can be used in addition to vinegar. Using a short vessel helps concentrate the irresistible stench.

Terrible lawyer suspended by SC State Supreme Court

J. Marshall Biddle photo found online.

J. Marshall Biddle photo found online.

J. Marshall Biddle looking jolly in a photo found at

J. Marshall Biddle looking jolly in a photo found at

Trusting an important legal matter to a family name that has owned land in the area for over 150 years was apparently not such a good idea. One would think this lawyer never expected to actually have to work for a living after he finished law school. It is so sad for his clients who probably paid a pretty penny for that bow tie.

Myrtle Beach-area attorney suspended from practice  | June 24, 2015  | 

A Myrtle Beach-area attorney has been suspended from practicing law for three years as part of an agreement about misconduct since 2008 involving several lawsuits, probate court matters and post-conviction relief actions, according to a state Supreme Court opinion filed Wednesday.

Justices ordered James Marshall Biddle to be suspended for three years, pay the costs incurred in the investigation and prosecution of the matter within 30 days and complete an ethics program before he can file for reinstatement, according to the order.

If Biddle seeks to be reinstated as a lawyer, he must hire a law office management adviser approved by the Commission on Lawyer Conduct and complete filings with that adviser, according to the order. Biddle also must meet with the adviser once every three months for two years and a report must be filed after those meetings.

Biddle could not be immediately reached Wednesday for comment.

In the 11-page opinion, justices addressed eight separate issues involving Biddle and his practice that occurred in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The issues included:

Biddle failing to provide competent representation to his clients;

keeping his clients informed of statuses and requests for information;

providing rate fee and expenses to clients;

expediting litigation consistent with the client’s interest;

not making false statements or concealing material;

and failing to respond for information from disciplinary authority.


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Behold, the What Where When Guide

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House Blown to Smithereens

Wow, so that’s what smithereens look like. An aging infrastructure and increase in sink holes could make gas explosions like this huge one in Stafford Township, NJ more common.

Miss Fidget’s 2015 Calendar

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Biscuit Recipe

Eatmore of gave me this biscuit recipe earlier this holiday season. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Ahhh biscuits. Reasonably healthy, but still tasty: get a package of
Trader Joe’s Multigrain Baking & Pancake mix & follow the biscuit recipe,
but I like to substitute soured raw milk or real buttermilk, because I
like the tang. And if it’s got enough fat, which mine does when I pour off
the top, no need for oil. For real Southern light empty calorie biscuits,
I mix White Lily flour, the soured milk or buttermilk, baking powder,
salt, and maybe a little baking soda. In each case, knead lightly, and cut
the biscuits with a Mason jar lid or the jar itself. I don’t really
measure, so I don’t know how much of each ingredient. If you knead too
much, you get my ex-wife’s hardtack. You always have dough left over when
you cut with the lid, and that gives you one more biscuit that isn’t as
light. One for the cook when it comes out of the oven. Can’t remember the
oven temps, but use whatever any common recipe has, and bake until done.

For soured milk I use canned evaporated skim milk and add a tablespoon or two of cider vinegar. I use a hot 400-450 oven and keep my biscuits T-N-T, tight but not touching.


Reading, Pennsylvania keeping ugly tree


Not the tree’s best angle.


The pretzel as a tree topper is an adorable nod the the long heritage of Reading.

Like many rust belt towns Reading, Pennsylvania has seen better days. Reading (sounds like red-ding) sits in the middle of Christmas Tree farm country. They had initially arranged to purchase a tree from a farmer in Schuylkill County. It rained heavily right before the tree was to be cut and delivered and the farmer wouldn’t allow the big truck needed to drive across his fields so they hastily came up with a plan B and went to a local park and cut the homely tree they have on display. After world wide weird news exposure they decided to keep the sparse spruce. Partly because City Council was too busy with real issues like budget deadlines to deal with a uh, holiday tree. Somehow it is fitting that the bedraggled downtown that has seen better days has come to terms with their tree. Here’s wishing Reading and all of you a happy, humble, and healthy start to your own holiday season. Big ups to the Reading City Council for having their priorities in order, too.

All images except for night view credit the Reading Eagle, Natalie Kolb | Tim Leedy

34_2 7   141124_ugly_tree

It’s a holly, folly Christmas: Reading reverses decision, says tree stays

Reading Eagle  |  November 24, 2014

Apparently unable to decide what they want for Christmas, city officials, who had agreed to remove the 50-foot holiday spruce from Penn Square, changed their minds on Monday.The droopy pine can stay in downtown as Reading’s official Christmas tree.

City Council President Francis G. Acosta didn’t reverse course until after the city endured a good needling over the “Charlie Brown tree” that has gained international attention.The decision to keep the tree came about 1 p.m. Monday after city workers spent the morning removing lights from the big tree and decorative fencing around it.

“It’s staying up,” declared Ralph Johnson, city public works director, over the noisy traffic.

Fall 2014 WWW Guide

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