MissFidget.com functions as a virtual clipping and filing service for select stories and images. In the age of print it was customary to research older stories by looking at actual pieces of paper or microfilm. As news move to a digital format stories remain active and available for shorter lengths of time. Thus it may be impossible to find any active articles for a story as little as a month after the event.

MissFidget.com aspires to be an information resource for facts that have dates, and sources. The postings are sporadic. Of particular interest are fringe, odd, or Fortean themes especially things that fall unexpectedly from the sky. Animals, both amazing and previously undiscovered species are a frequent topic. Criminals often do interesting and unexpected things. Fashion was once a favorite topic but coverage has been lighter after the suicides of both Issy Blow, the discarded muse,  and her protege Alexander McQueen. Their stories have deeply affected me and my attitudes toward the fashion industry and friendship.

The article about vajazzling has been extremely popular. One of my favorites might be when Joan River’s date dropped dead at dinner. I also love all the tough kids, more than one surviving falling from airplanes, hanging on to the top of speeding cars for a mile or two, fighting animals, fighting burglars. I hope Mr Honniball is still legally doing carpentry naked as I’ve gotten a few inquiries about his story.

Previously MissFidget.com had other functions. Long term goals for this site possibly include almanac and calendar features, or not.


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